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Japanese Charms - Lucky Cat Charms

Of Japanese charms, one of the most common and renowned is the Japanese Lucky cat.  Japanese lucky cat charms, also known as the maneki neko are much beloved and trusted talismans based on the statute of a lucky cat often seen in businesses and homes in order to beckon business or good luck and good fortune to its owner.

Now, you can add a touch of luck to your surroundings all the time by the simple addition of the Japanese lucky cat cell phone charms and key rings that we carry at Mrs. Lin's Kitchen.

The lucky cat is always depicted with the leftright, or both paws upraised in a beckoning gesture. The left paw raised version is supposed to bring in customers or more business your way. The right paw raised is symbolic of good luck and prosperity or wealth. When both are raised, you have covered all bases! 

Available in a multitude of colors and sizes, our Lucky Cat charms and key chains are a great way to distinguish your personal effects while welcoming luck at the same time. A novel and thoughtful way to send well wishes to friends and family, these lucky cat Japanese charms are an affordable and clever way to change your luck!

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Maneki Neko Cell Phone Charm (Black)
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