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A color can change a lot of things. It can alter a mood and an intention. For instance, giving a bouquet of red roses has an entirely different meaning than giving yellow flowers. One signifies romantic love while the other represents friendship. The same is true with the color paper you choose to create your paper folding crafts with. Assorted papers will give you the freedom to make different creations that are as varied and colorful as your imagination.

Pick red paper to fold a lucky flower, an orange crane for longevity or a yellow chrysanthemum to brighten your day. If you are interested in making origami creations that are colored representing a specific meaning see our newsletter to help you pick the best color for every occasion.

Some papers are double-sided, allowing for a cohesive color palette; while other origami papers are one-sided and add different depth to the design. With assorted colored packs you are able to pick the paper texture and color that fits your mood of the moment.

The more origami cranes, origami spheres and other diagrams you follow, the quicker and more efficient you will be able to produce them. Origami stars for instance, make a great coffee table decoration and double as a conversation piece. Fill a bento box or alloy bowl with origami pieces for a unique and inexpensive centerpiece.

Whatever you decide to make, our selection of papers will keep you and your friends entertained. Who knows, your folding may be so wonderful a friend will want to learn and you will be able to teach them the ancient art of origami.

These beautiful papers will brighten up your home, are perfect to fold into beautiful keepsake boxes and will provide you will hours of fun that will keep both your mind and your hands active.

For more ideas, see our origami newsletter.

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