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December- The Color Red in Asian Culture

When one think of red in Asian culture, the first thing that comes to mind for most is that red is an auspicious color and is associated with festivity and good fortune, but the color red is a lot more more

November- Give the Priceless Gift of Health this Holiday: Mrs. Lin's Kitchen 2013 Holiday Guide

This holiday amidst all the gift giving and feasting, take some time to think about the health of yourself and your loved ones. With all this discussion going on about health all over the news and more

October- Traditional Japanese Soups 101

With the temperature cooling for the month of October, what better topic to cover than that of Japanese soups?  Find out what some popular traditional Japanese soups are, and take a stab at making more

September- Asian Basics for New Apartments

With summer coming to an end, and school starting up again, this is an exciting time for new college students beginning a new phase of life, moving away from home, and settling in to a new more

August- Popular Japanese Characters and the Cult of Popularity

Japanese popular culture with its myriad of fascinating and creative innovations and unique style and popular taste has long been a subject of interest to the West.  From anime, manga, to cosplay, more

July- Exotic Fruit Kingdom- Journey into the World of Asian Fruits

When talking about Asian fruits, we are entering into a whole exotic world of flavors, smells and tastes and unique looks that can be an eye opener into the amazing variety that the Mother Nature more

June- Light Asian Snacks

With such varied culinary possibilities, across the Asian continent, it is indeed difficult to talk about Asian snack choices.  For the month of June, with the approach of summer, our newsletter will more

May- Way of the Gods:  Shintoism in Japan

Shintoism, or Shinto, can be translated into “way of the gods”, and is the indigenous spiritual practice of the people of Japan.  Although most people in Japan today see themselves as non-religious more

April- The Chinese Concept of Yin and Yang

When discussing the concept of Yin and Yang, most people are familiar with the Taijitu—the circular symbol divided into two sections, one black, and the other white, in a swirling motion more

March- Onsen:  Japanese Hot springs—Enjoyment and Etiquette

Onsen is the Japanese name for hot springs.  Onsens are widely popular in Japan.  As a country located along active volcanic fault lines, Japan is rich in beautiful sceneries and hot springs.  Hot more

February- Lunar New Year 2013: The year of the Snake

This year, the lunar New Year falls on February 10th, and ushers in the year of the water snake. We send off the year of the dragon and welcome that of the snake. Following the 12 year more

January- Nabemono - Japanese Hot Pots

Nabemono can be translated into nabe, which means cooking pot, and mono, which mean all kinds of things. Nabemono, or sometimes referred to as nabe for short, is the name for a variety of.... read more
















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