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An inexpensive and powerful way to set a mood for relaxation, meditation, and contemplation can be had by anyone, anywhere, when they perform the simple ritual of lighting a stick of fragrant incense.

Mrs. Lin's Kitchen has collected a wide and delectable assortment of fragrances from around the world for your pleasure. The low cost of these fragrant sticks allows for you to keep a variety of scents on hand to suit your mood and create distinctive ambiences.

Each fragrance selection includes a generous amount of fifty incense sticks that will provide many hours of incense burning. Each stick is made in a way that allows for you to break off the amount you wish to burn, saving the rest for later. Included in each box of incense is a small ceramic flower incense holder and burning instructions.

Japanese incense is known for it's delicate aroma and we offer many variations including; sandalwood incense, amber incense and vanilla or jasmine incense, to name but a few.

Fragrant incense is an economical way to soothe the senses and its properties have been recognized for centuries as a method of relaxing the mind and body. The mystical scents are therapeutic and calming and are also used extensively in religious practices to carry messages to the spirits above.

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