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Cat lovers and believers of superstition will love the numerous versions of the right paw raised Japanese lucky cats or maneki neko we carry at Mrs. Lin's Kitchen.

We have both traditional and modern styles of this lucky cat with the raised right paw. The significance of the raised right paw is said to be that it beckons wealth and good luck to the owner. The higher the paw is raised, the stronger the beckoning powers are believed to be.

Available in all shapes and sizes; both sitting and reclining, there is a version for everyone's tastes and they are so adorable it will be difficult to purchase just one.

Originally developed in ancient Japanese culture dating back at least to the Edo period of the 1800's, they were often created as a piggy bank and this style continues to be popular even today. A traditional example would be the maneki neko with gold coin bank we have found that is perfect as a gift for all ages and occasions. The gold coin that is often held in the paw of the cat that is not raised is patterned after the Japanese koban, or gold coin and is symbolic of wishes for wealth and prosperity.

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