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Wedding Gifts

Need to find the perfect gift for a couple of newlyweds? Mrs. Lin’s Kitchen provides a vast assortment of items that will make for beautiful and functional gifts to help in the couple’s new life together!

Enchanting gifts that the newlyweds can display in their new home together will surely remind them of their joyous and special day! Items like the Adorable Japanese Wedding Doll or the Auspicious Red Asian Style Table Runner are beautiful additions to any room.

Supply the newlyweds’ kitchen with an item from our wide variety of Asian cookware! Whether it be a functional wok set or a reliable Japanese donabe pot, home-cooked meals will be a highlight for this new couple when you give them these incredible kitchenware items!

By the same token, delicious food should be served on beautiful tableware. Provide the newlyweds with enchanting Asian tableware for their meals together! Whether you gift them a meaningfully designed dinner set for two or supply them with a set of Japanese-inspired rice bowls, the couple will surely appreciate the high quality present that you give them! Much of our tableware features the crane, a symbol of a unified and long-lasting marriage. Send the couple well-wishes through this motif on our dinner set, chopsticks, and chopstick rests!

Give a thoughtful and useful gift for the newlyweds to commemorate their special day and to use in the joyful days of married life ahead of them.

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Adorable Japanese Wedding Doll
Was: $172.95  SALE: $145.25
Chopsticks for Two in Red Box
Was: $11.65  SALE: $8.75
Blue Dragonfly Sushi Set for Two
Was: $35.25  SALE: $30.05
Black Crane Chopstick Rest
Was: $1.95  SALE: $1.55
Yellow Crane Chopstick Rest
Was: $1.95  SALE: $1.25
Red Crane Chopstick Rest
Was: $1.65  SALE: $1.35
Orange Crane Chopstick Rest
Was: $1.65  SALE: $1.35
Blue Crane Chopstick Rest
Was: $1.65  SALE: $1.35
Green Crane Chopstick Rest
Was: $1.65  SALE: $1.35
White Crane Chopstick Rest
Was: $1.95  SALE: $1.45
Golden Cranes Chopsticks Box
Was: $5.75  SALE: $5.15
9-1/2 Inch Cast Iron Nabe with Trivet
Was: $58.75  SALE: $52.85
8-1/2 Inch Cast Iron Nabe with Trivet
Was: $43.75  SALE: $39.35
Large Matte Black Japanese Clay Rice Pot
Was: $149.95  SALE: $135.95
Adorable Pink Bunny Japanese Clay Pot
Was: $41.25  SALE: $39.15
8 Inch Hodgepodge Donabe
Was: $17.95  SALE: $15.25
Chinese Calligraphy Appetizer Plates
Was: $47.05  SALE: $42.35
Chinese Calligraphy Rice Bowls
Was: $24.95  SALE: $22.55
Chinese Calligraphy Sauce Dishes
Was: $24.15  SALE: $21.95
Red Boat
Was: $22.45  SALE: $17.95

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