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Getting ready for back to school could mean a lot of different things for everyone. You could be starting your first day in a brand new environment, seeing old friends again, making new ones, or even moving out to live on your own for the first time.

If you're moving out of your parents home, its time to start thinking about what you will need to cook delicious and healthy food for yourself. Our kitchenware and cookware, such as the Chinese Wok, Donabe Pot, Sushi Making Tools, and Cutlery will ensure your time in the kitchen enjoyable and efficient. You can bring those yummy foods to school for lunch in style with our Bowls with Lids and Travel Chopsticks.

If you have certain goals you want to meet by the end of this school year, help yourself stay motivated with a brand new Daruma Doll which can be pushed over and over but will always get back on its feet, giving you the "never give up" feeling.

No matter what back to school means to you, Mrs. Lin's Kitchen has a great collection of high-quality goods that will help you get through the school year, and more importantly, through the nerve-wracking yet exciting first day of school.

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Geisha Trio Paper Wallet
Was: $6.95  SALE: $5.55
Geisha with Umbrella Paper Wallet
Was: $6.95  SALE: $5.55
Geisha Paper Wallet
Was: $6.95  SALE: $5.55
Lucky Japanese White Daruma Doll
Was: $7.55  SALE: $6.75
Four and a Half Inch Red Daruma
Was: $21.95  SALE: $14.05
Medium Size Black Daruma
Was: $11.85  SALE: $9.05
Terra Cotta Lucky Cat Bank (LAST TWO)
Was: $43.95  SALE: $16.25
Purrfectly Yellow Maneki Neko
Was: $15.65  SALE: $14.05
Happy Bunny Key Charm
Was: $7.55  SALE: $3.75
Takoyaki Pick
Was: $3.95  SALE: $2.35
Haidragon Coconut Opener Drill
Was: $8.65  SALE: $4.25
Seafood Scissors and Scoops Set
Was: $9.55  SALE: $4.15
Wooden Three-Piece Japanese Sushi Mold
Was: $26.95  SALE: $20.05
Wooden Sushi Press
Was: $23.15  SALE: $17.95
Bamboo Sushi Mat
Was: $1.95  SALE: $1.05
Spam Sushi Mold – Small
Was: $10.50  SALE: $6.95

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