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Goddess of Mercy Chinese Charm

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Goddess of Mercy Chinese Charm
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Made in Taiwan, this small porcelain Goddess of Mercy Chinese Charm is a wonderful way to accessorize your phones, iPods, bags, and luggages. Crafted from porcelain, a highly valued material both within China and beyond, this Chinese charm employed the low-fired glazing technique popularized during the Tang dynasty.

The Goddess of Mercy, also widely known as Guan Yin in China, is the embodiment of compassion, unconditional love, and mercy. Originally a Bodhisattva figure that came from Buddhist roots, the Goddess of Mercy today has an even greater and wider cultural significance in China and East Asia. Seen as a protector of women and children and the goddess that grants fertility, the Guan Yin is also looked upon by many coastal villages as the protector against floods and storms. Folk legends talk about the miraculous appearance of Guan Yin and her compassion that saves the lives of people in need of help.

In a simple and innocent white frock complemented with a delicate pink and blue, this Goddess of Mercy in this Chinese Charm holds a yellow vase in her left hand and a willow branch in her right. The symbols of the vase and willow branch are common in the depiction of Guan Yin. This has to do with the belief that the vase holds pure water, while the willow branch is a symbol of strength and flexibility, as willow branch will bend but not break when acted upon with great force.

Carrying great meaning and significance, this Chinese charm is a wonderful way to send your good wishes to someone. Hand knotted with delicate Chinese knots, the burgundy and gold strap makes it easy to hang this Chinese charm. You can now carry this wonderful symbol of kindness and compassion with you wherever you go.

  • Figure Dimension (L 5/8" x W 5/8" x H 1-3/8")
  • Strap Length (L 4-3/4")
  • Product Wt. (0.9 oz.)

  • Usually ships within 1 to 2 business days

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