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Perhaps the second best kitchen tool that is made from bamboo after the toothpick; the handy bamboo skewer makes it easy to serve delicious finger foods in an attractive way.

Pieces of fruit can be skewered and served with yoghurt for a healthful, attractive treat; and meats and cheeses alternating on the stick make a delicious kabob skewer. Of course, there is nothing more delicious than marinated portions of chicken, pork or beef served piping hot off the grill. Just take care when using these natural barbeque skewers for grilling meats and vegetables, bamboo skewers need to be soaked in water prior to threading with your choices of tidbits.

With the popularity of chocolate fountains and fondues fast becoming a staple of gatherings, your guests will find that using the bamboo skewers makes it easy to dip their fruit, marshmallows, bread pieces, etc. into the yummy sauces.

Mrs. Lin's Kitchen not only carries the traditional, simple bamboo skewers; we have searched far and wide to collect some extra special versions. We have varying lengths for sale; including the smaller two and a half inch bamboo skewer for tiny portions and the longer seven inch bamboo skewer for larger appetizer creations.

Bamboo skewers are environmentally friendly as well; no valuable forests are affected by the use of this readily plentiful natural resource.

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Five Inch Bamboo Skewers
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