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Sushi Oke - Hangiri

Create authentic sushi house sushi with a wooden Sushi Oke Bowl, or Hangiri, from Mrs. Lin’s Kitchen.  A hangiri wooden bowl is essential to making perfectly seasoned sushi rice form your own kitchen.

At the root of all great sushi is the perfect mixture of seasoned rice. The texture must be moist but not soggy, and each grain should have absorbed the sweet rice vinegar seasoning. 

In Japan, the great sushi houses fiercely protect their rice making secrets and allow only deserving chefs the task of making the sushi rice for the day. It is the signature flavor of the rice that makes the patrons return.

At Mrs. Lin's Kitchen we have collected some special sushi “hangiri" wooden rice tubs from Japan and China that will help tremendously when you mix your own sushi rice at home.

The wooden sushi oke bowl is perfect for absorbing the excess liquid of the sushi rice vinegar mix that you make for sushi rice preparation. It is usually made of a balance of sweet rice wine vinegar with sugar added to taste. This mixture is added to the just cooked short grained rice that you have placed in the hangiri wooden bowl. As you stir the seasoning into the hot rice, you fan the rice so that the excess is evaporated and the rice stays moist, but not saturated with the seasoning.

This delightful sushi oke container is an essential to every sushi lover's kitchen; you can even host sushi parties at home where everyone creates their own "hand rolls" or "sushi rolls" with the ingredients you provide.

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16-1/2 Inch Hinoki Sushi Wooden Bowl
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