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Need a last minute gift quick but still want it to be something special and meaningful? Our huge selection of Lucky charms are a great gift that can bring a little luck for your loved one.

These small adorable lucky charms come in many different shapes and sizes including traditional Maneki Nekos, Darumas and even the Seven Fortune Gods! If you're looking for something a little less traditional, cherry blossoms, bunnies, and even Hello Kitty charms are very popular for children.

These lucky charms are great for putting on your keys, backpacks, purses, or even small portable game devices for kids as well!

If charms isn't their thing, then why not help them relax with soothing aromas of incense burners. With a large variety of scents, maybe providing one of each will help them find their all time favorite!

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Blue Leaf Incense Holder (LAST TWO)
Was: $3.95  SALE: $1.75
Black Manekii Neko Keychain
Was: $4.25  SALE: $2.25
Maneki Neko Cell Phone Charm (Black)
Was: $6.65  SALE: $5.95
Ox Ceramic Lucky Charm
Was: $8.45  SALE: $5.95
Tiger Ceramic Lucky Charm
Was: $8.45  SALE: $5.95
Good Luck Zori Charm
Was: $8.25  SALE: $6.95
Jade Zodiac Horse Lucky Charm
Was: $8.95  SALE: $4.55
Japanese Girl in Pink Kimono Charm
Was: $6.95  SALE: $4.95
Japanese Okobo/ Geta Clogs Charm Pink
Was: $6.95  SALE: $4.95
Doraemon Charm with Strap
Was: $3.15  SALE: $1.25
Netsuke Acorn Doll Charm
Was: $7.55  SALE: $5.95
Netsuke Kaeru Cell Charm
Was: $7.55  SALE: $3.75
Cherry Blossom Bell Key Charm
Was: $7.55  SALE: $5.95
Happy Bunny Key Charm
Was: $7.55  SALE: $3.75
Purse Bunny Key Charm
Was: $7.55  SALE: $5.95
Jade Peanut Lucky Charm
Was: $6.95  SALE: $2.55
Jade Ingot Lucky Charm
Was: $6.95  SALE: $2.55
Round Jade Bead Lucky Charm
Was: $6.95  SALE: $2.55
Goddess of Mercy Chinese Charm
Was: $8.45  SALE: $5.95
Taiwanese Longevity God Charm
Was: $8.45  SALE: $5.95

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