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Multicolored Cherry Blossoms Lacquered Chopstick Set of Five

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Multicolored Cherry Blossoms Lacquered Chopstick Set of Five
Item# 12276

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With stunning designs on every chopstick, this chopstick set is elegant enough to be used at fancy events, but can be simply used for dinners at home due to the chopsticks’ functional design. The cherry blossom is a well-renowned flower in Japan and is often thought to represent the transience, fragility, and preciousness of life. Though all of these pairs of lacquered chopsticks have a cherry blossom design, they are fundamentally separate from each other through their different color schemes and placement of the flowers.

Each pair of chopsticks is completely black, aside from a three inch design that is found near the top of the chopsticks. The first pair of chopsticks has a gradient that goes from a hot pink color to a pale pastel pink and back again. Printed on this cute pink color are little white and gold cherry blossom flowers and petals. On the second pair of chopsticks in the chopstick set, a dark purple background accentuates small white cherry blossoms and larger red, green, and yellow cherry blossoms. Gold embellishments give this design a regal feel. The third pair of chopsticks has a pink and green gradient as a backdrop that is densely covered in cherry blossoms in different shades of pink. Little red buds and light and dark green leaves create more detail on this wonderful pair of chopsticks. The next pair of chopsticks has a dark blue and pink backdrop and features pink and white cherry blossom flowers growing on a thin gold vine with small green leaves. The last pair of chopsticks has a striped pattern of red and orange behind pink and white cherry blossoms and green leaves.

Made from smooth lacquer, the Japan-made chopsticks of this chopstick set will feel smooth and refined in your hands. At the tapered ends of these chopsticks, the smooth texture is replaced by a matte, brittle texture that will help you have more grip on the food that you are eating when you pick it up. Welcome this enchanting chopstick set into your utensils drawer and eat in style!

  • Chopstick Dimension (L 9”)
  • Product Wt. (6.5 oz)

  • Usually ships within 1 to 2 business days

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