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-- February 8th is Chinese New Year!--

-Chinese New Year Dishes!-

-- Valentine's Day Gift Guife--

-- Last Minute Gifts!-

Cherry Blossom Red Chopsticks
Was: $7.95
SALE: $7.25
Pink Love Greeting Card (Blank)
Was: $5.35
SALE: $3.65
Sweet Sakura Blossom Cell Phone Charm
Was: $7.55
SALE: $6.75
Pink Cherry Blossom Incense Stick Burner
Was: $16.95
SALE: $15.25
Green Dragon Jade Pendant
Was: $25.95
SALE: $12.55
Chinese Zodiac Carved Jade Pendant
Was: $25.95
SALE: $12.55
Amber Jade Lucky Buddha Pendant
Was: $25.95
SALE: $12.55
Chinese Brocade Lipstick Case
Was: $5.25
SALE: $2.45
Goldfish and Lotus Flowers in Gold Case
Was: $15.95
SALE: $9.35
Abundance Gaiwan Cup
Was: $15.05
SALE: $13.35
Love Birds and Flowers in Gold Case
Was: $15.95
SALE: $9.35
Adorable Japanese Wedding Doll
Was: $172.95
SALE: $145.25

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