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Glossary of Asian Culture - D

Daruma/Daruma Doll: Traditional Japanese hollow round dolls made to represent Bohdidharma, a Buddhist monk considered to be the founder of Buddhism.

Dim Sum: A kind of Chinese Cantonese cuisine, featuring many delicious delicacies mostly steamed with bamboo steamers, including favorites such as har-kow (prawn dumplings) and siu-mai (Chinese meat ball).

Donburi: The Japanese word for bowl, this phrase is commonly used to describe a traditional dish containing simmered portions of fish, vegetables, meat or other ingredients served over rice.

Donabe: Traditional Japanese earthenware cooking pots made from durable heat-resistant clay. They are often used over a small open flame in the preparation of hotpot dishes and soups.

Double Happiness: A symbol based on the Chinese calligraphy of joy or happiness.Used widely in decorative designs, it is a symbol that is derived from putting two of the Chinese character of joy together into a symbol of double happiness.

: A mythical creature in the Chinese culture, dragons are associated with good fortune and power.In the past, dragons are associated with the emperor.Today, dragons still retain great influence among Chinese; many refer to themselves as “descendants of dragons”.

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