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Graduation Gifts

Graduation day is an incredibly important milestone in any personís life. Help the graduate celebrate their special day with a remarkable present! Mrs. Linís Kitchen offers a variety of wonderful high-quality gifts to help you commemorate your loved oneís special day!

Wish the graduate luck in the future with one of our charming good luck items! The daruma is a traditional symbol of luck and prosperity, while the Maneki Neko is an adorable emblem of good fortune. Bring your friend or family member good luck and prosperity in the form of a figurine, keychain, and much more! You can even provide the graduate with a useful Maneki Neko and Daruma Card Holder or Gold Business Card Case to wish them success in their future business.

Graduating often marks a time of shifting to a new environment. Give functional gifts to help the graduate on their journey of independence, like a Teacup with Infuser and Lid, Yixing Tea Mug, or a Cute Japanese Teacup for when they need an extra boost of caffeine. For graduates transitioning into the workforce, any bowl with lid is perfect for packing lunches to bring to work.

Congratulate the graduate with a magnificent and useful gift that they can use for many years to come!

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Yellow Saluting Owl (LAST ONE)
Was: $13.95  SALE: $7.05
Owl Ginger Grater
Was: $14.35  SALE: $9.25
Owl Bell Charm with Strap
Was: $1.35  SALE: $0.65
Red and Orange Japanese Waving Cat
Was: $27.25  SALE: $21.85
Lucky Japanese White Daruma Doll
Was: $7.45  SALE: $5.95
Eight Inch Red Daruma
Was: $41.55  SALE: $30.05
Tiny Yellow Daruma
Was: $6.95  SALE: $4.95
Black Daruma Doll
Was: $35.95  SALE: $27.05
Four and a Half Inch Red Daruma
Was: $21.95  SALE: $14.05
Tiny Purple Daruma
Was: $6.95  SALE: $4.95
Tiny Strawberry Daruma
Was: $6.95  SALE: $4.95
Tiny Black Daruma
Was: $6.95  SALE: $4.95
Large Lucky Japanese Daruma Doll
Was: $37.55  SALE: $25.55
Black Ceramic Japanese Maneki Neko
Was: $30.45  SALE: $25.55
Nine and Half Inch Black Maneki Neko
Was: $32.65  SALE: $29.45
Almost Seven Inch Black Maneki Neko
Was: $17.95  SALE: $15.25
Five and a Half Inch Black Maneki Neko
Was: $12.45  SALE: $10.55
Adorable Small Black Lucky Cat
Was: $5.95  SALE: $4.75
Black Manekii Neko Keychain
Was: $4.25  SALE: $2.25
Black Maneki Neko Charm
Was: $6.25  SALE: $5.25
15-3/4 White Maneki Neko"
Was: $83.35  SALE: $75.55
15 Inch Japanese Lucky Cat
Was: $91.25  SALE: $86.65
White Chinese Lucky Cat Coin Bank
Was: $31.25  SALE: $29.45
8-1/2 Inch Maneki Neko Bank
Was: $27.65  SALE: $23.55
5-1/4 Inch Left Paw Raised Lucky Cat
Was: $10.95  SALE: $9.55
Gold Lucky Cat with Six Fortunes
Was: $30.45  SALE: $25.85
Miniature White Maneki Neko Statue
Was: $5.95  SALE: $4.75
Eight Inch White Maneki Neko Cat
Was: $62.25  SALE: $52.95
3-1/2 Inch Lucky Cat - Green
Was: $15.25  SALE: $6.95
3-1/2 Inch Lucky Cat - Red
Was: $15.25  SALE: $6.95
Gold Maneki Neko Keychain
Was: $4.25  SALE: $1.95
White Manekii Neko Keychain
Was: $4.25  SALE: $1.95
Tiny Metallic White Maneki Neko Cat
Was: $8.95  SALE: $7.55
3-3/8 Inch Joyous Lucky Money Cat
Was: $21.95  SALE: $17.55
2-1/8 Inch Red Maneki Neko
Was: $6.85  SALE: $5.55
Terra Cotta Lucky Cat Bank (LAST TWO)
Was: $43.95  SALE: $16.25
Purrfectly Yellow Maneki Neko
Was: $15.65  SALE: $14.75
Adorable Egg-Shaped Maneki Neko
Was: $8.95  SALE: $7.85
Peacock and Branch in Gold Case
Was: $15.95  SALE: $7.95
Three Goldfish in Gold Case
Was: $15.95  SALE: $7.95
Koi Fish in Gold Case II
Was: $15.95  SALE: $7.95
Leaping Frogs in Gold Case
Was: $15.95  SALE: $7.95
Scenery Business Card Case
Was: $15.95  SALE: $7.95
Love Birds and Flowers in Gold Case
Was: $15.95  SALE: $7.95
Pale Yellow Japanese Tea Cup
Was: $11.25  SALE: $4.95
Blue Crackled Lucky Cat Mug
Was: $11.25  SALE: $4.95
Cute Maneki Neko Japanese Teacups
Was: $18.35  SALE: $9.05
Adorable Dark Brown Owl Cup
Was: $20.95  SALE: $11.25
Gecko Marbled Clay Yixing Tea Cup
Was: $22.65  SALE: $18.25

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