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Glossary of Asian Culture - H

Hanafuda: Literally it can be translated as flower cards.It is a kind of Japanese playing cards that can be used in different games.The cards are made up of twelve suits, each represented by a month and each month paired with a flower.

Hangiri/Sushi Oke
: Traditional flat-bottom rounded barrel or tub-like dish typically used to contain and cool rice used for various kinds of sushi.

Hanko: A Japanese seal or stamp imprinted with a family name. Similar to Chinese chops, hanko maybe used much like a signature is used in the West to authorize important documents.

Hashigo: The Japanese word for ladder or stairs.Nowadays, Hashigo has adopted the additional meaning of bar-hopping for the younger generation.

Hibachi Grill: Small portable cooking stove made to barbeque or grill fish, vegetables and meats. Sometimes associated with Japanese hibachi warming devices that traditionally store hot coals for heating rather than cooking purposes.

Hinoki: A type of cypress that only grows in Japan.Hinoki oil has medicational purposes and kills bacteria.The wood of hinoki produces very high quality timber used to build shrines and is used in making masu.

Hiragana: One of three systems of characters used in the written Japanese language that are based on a series of combined consonant and vowel sounds.

Hiroshige: Utagawa Hiroshige was a famous woodblock print artist of the Edo period Japan. His works documented the natural scenery and the everyday activities of Edo Japan.These themes of nature and life are sometimes known as ukiyo-e: pictures of a floating world.

Hokusai: Surname of famous Edo-era Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai. Renowned for his paintings and Japanese ukiyo-e prints, Hokusai is most famous for his series of woodblock print series Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji, featuring The Great Wave off Kanagawa.

Hyottoko: Common Japanese folk figure based from the legend of a boy who created gold from his navel. Often appears in masks form with mismatched eyes and a mouth holding a red-glowing pipe.

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