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Glossary of Asian Culture - C

Calico Cat: Calico cats are cats with patches of colors on their coats.Often in patches of red, brown, black, and white, Calico cats’ coats can vary in pattern from fine speckles to large patches of varying colors.

Calligraphy: Ancient art form featuring decorative stylized writing practiced in Asia and other parts of the world. In Eastern countries like China, Japan and Korea, traditional calligraphy involves handwriting ornate characters on special paper using custom brushes and ink.

Cast Iron Teapot:Originated in 17th century Japan, cast iron teapots are made from cast iron.When boiled, iron is released into the tea and is highly regarded as a dietary enhancement.It is an indispensable part of the Japanese tea ceremony.

Cedarwood: Wood from species of coniferous cedar trees that grow naturally in mountainous regions of Asia and North Africa. Different varieties are used in a variety of products, from incense and chopsticks, to masu sake cups and furniture.

Celadon:Celadon can refer to a specific style of glaze or type of color ware in ceramics.Usually referring to a clear, transparent glaze that can be in a variety of colors.Korean celadon, specifically, refers to a pale blue-green glaze.

Chashaku:The chashaku is a long and narrow wooden spoon that is designed specifically to scoop powdered matcha tea.Typically made out of narrow pieces of bamboo, some are also made from ivory and wood.

Cherry Blossom: Cherry blossoms are the flowers of the cherry tree that is known as sakura in Japan. And they are an important cultural symbol of renewal, and transient beauty in Japan.

Chopsticks: Chopsticks are a type of Asian utensils.Made up of a pair of tapering sticks, chopsticks are used to pick up food items during meals. Widely used in China, Japan, Korea, and other parts of South East Asia.

Crackled:Crackled refers to fine minute surface cracks on painted or varnished surfaces of glazed ceramics or glass materials.It can also sometimes refer to a design when minute cracks are used as a form of decoration.

Chrysanthemum:A type of flowers that comes in a variety of colors and with many tiny petals, chrysanthemum is important cultural symbols in China and Japan.One of the four gentlemanly flowers in China, Chrysanthemum is associated with the Japanese emperor.

Crane:A long necked bird known for its graceful appearance that features in many Japanese myths and folklores.In Japan, cranes are mythical creatures that are believed to live for a thousand years and are associated with longevity and loyalty.

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