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Sake Masu & Sake Cups

A true test of the quality of your sake or Japanese rice wine is to enjoy it at room temperature or chilled. The square versions of the Sake Masu types that we carry are traditional and give your sake ritual an authentic feel.

The sake masu is part of many Japanese celebrations and is usually the cup of choice when a great big sake barrels are ceremoniously cracked open for special celebrations such as New Years, business openings, sports and political victories and of course, weddings.

The sake masu was originally used to measure out rice from storage bins, but they quickly became popular for its ability to hold hefty portions of sake. In restaurants you will often receive an overflowing masu of sake placed upon a saucer to catch the extra and is a way for the owner to express his generosity towards you.

The sake masu designs we carry range from the simple cedar boxes, to somewhat fancier lacquer covered versions like the Sake Masu 2 which is a unique take on the traditional square shapes.

Just as every home has a shot glass or two, our sake cups are an important must have for sake lovers everywhere. Perfect for using for your sake bomb parties or to have as extras when you want to share your sake experience with more people, you will always have an extra cup for those unexpected moments.

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