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Chevron Teapot
Was: $43.95  SALE: $17.75
“The Great Wave” Teapot Set
Was: $74.05  SALE: $59.95
Five Inch Bamboo Skewers
Was: $12.55  SALE: $5.25
Beauties Returning From Bath" Noren"
Was: $88.25  SALE: $44.15
Three Favorite Beauties Noren
Was: $93.75  SALE: $46.85
White Wide Circle Bamboo Chopsticks
Was: $4.35  SALE: $2.15
Red Swirl Chopsticks
Was: $9.35  SALE: $4.55
Glossy Oval Shell Chopsticks Rest
Was: $7.55  SALE: $3.95
Yellow Chopstick Rest
Was: $2.25  SALE: $1.05
Moss Green Chopstick Rest
Was: $2.55  SALE: $1.05
Scraped Red and Brown Chopsticks
Was: $6.75  SALE: $3.35
Ox Pewter Pendant
Was: $6.25  SALE: $2.95
Burmese Jade Pendant Necklace
Was: $25.95  SALE: $12.95
Ram Pewter Pendant
Was: $6.25  SALE: $2.95
Amber Jade Lucky Buddha Pendant
Was: $25.95  SALE: $12.95
Round Auspicious Jade Necklace (LAST 3)
Was: $25.95  SALE: $12.95
Goldfish-Theme Jade Pendant Necklace
Was: $25.95  SALE: $12.95
Happy Buddha Jade Lucky Pendant
Was: $25.95  SALE: $12.95
Jade Guan Yin Pendant Necklace (LAST 6)
Was: $25.95  SALE: $12.95
Lucky God Jade Necklace
Was: $25.95  SALE: $12.95
Tribal Marking Jade Pendant
Was: $25.95  SALE: $12.95
Carved Brown Jade Ball Pendant
Was: $25.95  SALE: $12.95
Japanese Girl in Pink Kimono Charm
Was: $6.95  SALE: $4.95
Purse Bunny Key Charm
Was: $7.55  SALE: $5.95
Happy Bunny Key Charm
Was: $7.55  SALE: $3.75
Japanese Okobo/ Geta Clogs Charm Pink
Was: $6.95  SALE: $4.95
Jade Zodiac Horse Lucky Charm
Was: $8.95  SALE: $4.55
5-7/8 Pastel Origami Paper (LAST ONE)"
Was: $10.95  SALE: $5.25
Scenery Business Card Case
Was: $15.95  SALE: $7.95
Peacock and Branch in Gold Case
Was: $15.95  SALE: $7.95
Leaping Frogs in Gold Case
Was: $15.95  SALE: $7.95
Koi Fish in Gold Case II
Was: $15.95  SALE: $7.95
Love Birds and Flowers in Gold Case
Was: $15.95  SALE: $7.95
Three Goldfish in Gold Case
Was: $15.95  SALE: $7.95

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