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14 Inch Double Handle Pre-Seasoned Round Bottom Wok

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14 Inch Double Handle Pre-Seasoned Round Bottom Wok
Item# 6203

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If you love stir-frying, then this two handled pre-seasoned carbon steel wok is a must have in your kitchen. Shaped with the traditional round bottom, this wok is made of durable carbon steel.

With two wooden handles, this pre-seasoned carbon steel wok is easy to control. The handles are also designed so that you have the option of choosing the way you would like to hold and handle your wok. The handle parallel to the wok is great for stabilizing the wok when stir frying. The perpendicular handle is perfect if you would like a little tossing action when stir frying.

Already pre-seasoned so you will not have to worry about preparing the wok for use. This wok is good for immediate use. All our wonderful pre-seasoned woks are treated with a high heat process that changes the carbon steel to blue. This color is temporary and will change with use. A clear food grade coating is used during storage and all that is required is a single tablespoon of vegetable cooking oil, medium heat, and a paper towel for a single wipe down. All of our woks come with simple to follow instruction pamphlets. Made in Taiwan, this pre-seasoned carbon steel wok is a wonderful addition for any stir-fry lover.

Round bottom wok only works if you have an opened flame stove top. If you have an electrical stove top, you will need to buy a flat bottom wok.


  • Wok Dimension (D 13-3/4" x H 4-1/8")
  • Product Wt. (3 lb. 5 oz.)

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    By Todd
    Santa Cruz, CA
    Acts like a seasoned wok, but you must work with it!
    July 3, 2014
    Calling this wok a "pre-seasoned", ready to cook wok isn't really fair, and shame on Taylor & Ng for that. Instead, like most modern woks coming out of Asia (Tawaiin), it is coated with a protective coating of food safe lacquer to prevent rust and damages until you seasoned it and start to protect it. This lacquer protects the steel very well, but can be a challenge to remove, and remove you must before using it, and ti remove the lacquer is almost as much work as seasoning itself.

    This wok does offer shortcuts in the seasoning department, but is not really pre-seasoned, per say. Instead the manufacturer heats the steel to a high temperature that causes the wok to form an oxidive film that is blue in color. This film makes the wok safer from rust, and more non-stick after lightly seasoned and used, but it is not traditional seasoning as must of are us to. It will get you to a slippery non-stick wok faster than other avenues--though NO steel wok is ever truly non-stick.

    It is however a great shortcut to non-stick properties, so it mimics seasoning very well. It cannot be chipped or flake off, though the blue coloration will fade with usage and as the wok turns more bronze-black all over (which is true seasoning!)

    To start the lacquer removal, I recommend boiling water in the wok for 30 minutes, and then scrubbing with a SOS steel wool pad. Some lacquer will still remain, particularly toward the ends, or the top of the wok's bowl. Cover the wok with a film of oil, and then heat the wok, focusing on the ends or the bits of remaining lacquer, until smoking and then scrub with paper towels. Soon the oiled and very hot wok should feel very slippery as you run the towel around in it, and the lacquer is gone at this point. If certain spots feel "sticky" and stop the paper towel from moving, they probably still have lacquer on them and you should focus on these spots, adding more oil as you need it, and scrubbing hard.

    Once the lacquer is removed, heat the wok a little and rub oil into the bowl, letting it smoke a bit. Then stir fir a batch or two of green onions and ginger or onions and ginger until charred, throw them away, and VOILA, your wok will be ready to cook with. Keep a thin film of oil on the wok for a few months until it gets a little carbonized (or seasoned as some say).

    The blue steel truly makes cooking much easier. This wok requires less work than seasoning a new raw steel wok (that still has to have the lacquer removed), but it still involves some work. It does act like a seasoned wok once you start using it, and offers non-stick advantages normally only seen on more seasoned woks.
    By Costas
    Mykonos Greece
    Review for 14 Inch Double Handle Pre-Seasoned Round Bottom Wok
    December 4, 2013
    By Carol
    Hayward, CA
    14 inch double handle pre-seasoned round bottom wok
    December 18, 2012
    I love my wok! I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this is pretty much non-stick when I fried chow fun & fried rice; even my husband was impressed when he fried the 2nd batch of chow fun for our daughter's luncheon recently. I'll definitely recommend getting a 14" wok to my friends.
    • Easy to use; food doesn't stick to the bottom when a sufficient amt of oil is used.
    • I spent quite a bit of time trying to get rid of the manufacturer's rust resistant food-grade coating. The wok ring doesn't sit well on my burner grate so I gave up using it. I just need to be a little careful so the wok won't tip over!
    By Jason
    Great buy
    November 12, 2012
    Very nice. The best 1 i have bought.
    • Everything
    • You have to put the handle on but its not hard to do.

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