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Donít know what to buy your dad, brother, son, or boyfriend this year? Youíre in luck! The Fail-proof Gifts for Him from Mrs. Linís Kitchen, is filled with treasures and interesting gifts they will love. Our exclusive holiday set created specifically for the men and boys in your life has Japanese rice bowls, Asian tea mugs, Japanese lucky cat figurines, and much more.

We wanted to save you tons of time this holiday season, so we scoured our incredible collection of sake cups, little Asian figurines, teacups and ceramic mugs to find the ideal gifts for him. Select from a masculine tea mug with infuser, an animal shaped Yixing teapot, or black lacquer Japanese sake set. Plus, this special collection of holiday gifts for men spans a wide range of price points and uses.

If you are shopping for your mother, daughter, or aunt take a look at our Awesome Gifts for Her holiday collection. Just as our Fail-proof Gifts for Him is filled with all things made for men, the Awesome Gifts for Her set has a fascinating variety Japanese curios and Asian dinnerware for her.

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Animated Maneki Neko - Blue & Green
Was: $27.25  SALE: $24.55
Black Ceramic Japanese Maneki Neko
Was: $30.45  SALE: $25.55
Nine and Half Inch Black Maneki Neko
Was: $32.65  SALE: $29.45
Almost Seven Inch Black Maneki Neko
Was: $17.95  SALE: $15.25
Five and a Half Inch Black Maneki Neko
Was: $12.45  SALE: $10.55
15-3/4 White Maneki Neko"
Was: $83.35  SALE: $75.55
15 Inch Japanese Lucky Cat
Was: $91.25  SALE: $86.65
Thirteen and a Half Inch Maneki Neko
Was: $55.35  SALE: $47.05
Adorable Dark Brown Owl Cup
Was: $20.95  SALE: $16.55
Maneki Neko Espresso Cup
Was: $22.95  SALE: $20.65
Japanese Samurai Tea Cup
Was: $10.95  SALE: $9.95
Blue Crackled Lucky Cat Mug
Was: $11.25  SALE: $10.15
Horse and Monkey Yixing Teapot
Was: $41.35  SALE: $39.35
Horse Yixing Teapot
Was: $40.95  SALE: $36.85
Lizard Yixing Teapot
Was: $41.35  SALE: $39.35
Lucky Karakusa Black Ceramic Sake Set
Was: $49.95  SALE: $45.05
Kanagawa Wave Sake Set II
Was: $47.95  SALE: $43.15
Metallic Black Poem Sake Set
Was: $51.95  SALE: $46.85
Metallic Brown Sake Set
Was: $43.75  SALE: $39.35
Multi-Colored Glass Sake Set
Was: $35.65  SALE: $33.35
Cooling Green Glass Sake Set
Was: $24.95  SALE: $22.25
Cooling Blue Glass Sake Set III
Was: $25.95  SALE: $22.25
Dark Blue Porcelain Sake Set for Two
Was: $46.95  SALE: $44.65
Simple Pleasures Sake Set
Was: $41.25  SALE: $38.25
15 Inch Fan Dance Geisha Doll
Was: $32.95  SALE: $29.95
Dragonfly Chopsticks
Was: $3.75  SALE: $3.25
Puppy with a Bone Chopstick Rest
Was: $4.95  SALE: $4.55
Sleeping Maneki Neko Chopstick Rest
Was: $8.45  SALE: $7.65

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