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3-7/8 Inch Arctic Ice Soy Sauce Dish

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3-7/8 Inch Arctic Ice Soy Sauce Dish
Item# 12268

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The soy sauce dish is a staple of traditional Japanese tableware. Soy sauce originated in nearby China, but the Japanese quickly began using the sauce as a way to maximize salt. Its easy pairing with sushi and grilled fish made soy sauce easy to incorporate into Japanese cuisine and daily life. This Arctic Ice Soy Sauce Dish is made with the tradition and history of Japanese cuisine in mind, but with a contemporary flair.

This shallow Asian dish incorporates elements of ice, water, and earth. This Soy Sauce Dish is constructed of earthen ceramic, but hand-glazed in cool colors of gray and blue. The abstract design is singular on each dish created in the Arctic Ice Tableware Collection, and will never be exactly the same on different pieces. Yet, the mesmerizing quality of glacial ice is the same on this piece, the deeper Soy Sauce Bowl, large Rectangular Sushi Plate, and other pieces in the collection.

This variation of a traditional Japanese soy sauce dish is a great piece to finish off an Asian table setting, but truly this piece can be used on a multitude of tables and match with many cuisines. Whether you are looking to serve hot sauce, soy sauce, wasabi, a pad of butter, salad dressing, or sour cream, this adorable dish can do the job.

  • Sauce Dish Dimension (D 3-7/8" x H 3/4")
  • Product Wt. (6.6 oz)

  • Usually ships within 1 to 2 business days

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