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In imperial China, when the Chinese emperor reigned, Chinese chops were symbols of status and power. Beautifully crafted from jade, ivory, and sandal woods, Chinese chops were luxury items that were an essential part of one’s identity.

Today, Chinese chops are mostly used for decorative purposes, but their long heritage continues to be appreciated. Chinese artists painstakingly hand carve every one of these new arrival Chinese chops. Each uniquely hand crafted, Chinese chops combine the delicate art of Chinese calligraphy and the art of hand carving.

At Mrs Lin’s kitchen, we celebrate this traditional art form and its rich symbolic meaning. In our new arrival Chinese chops section, you will find a variety of meaningful Chinese chops along with ink pad.

Ink pads were indispensible items in the traditional study of a Chinese scholar and official. Without the inkpad, the Chinese chop is nothing more than a decorative item. Even today, practitioners of calligraphy will tell you that the mixing of ink is an art in and of itself. The thickness has to be just right in order to create the perfect imprint from Chinese chops. Here at Mrs Lin’s kitchen, we have made things easy by offering ready made ink pads in our selection.

Each of our Chinese chops is finely crafted. Our good luck chops make excellent gifts as ways of sending well wishes to friends and loved ones. They also make wonderful addition for collectors of Chinese chops.

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