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Get ready for St. Patrick's Day and bring some good luck to you and your loved one! In this gift guide collection, Mrs. Lin's Kitchen gathered the best green merchandise like origami papers, teaware, tableware, jade charms, chopsticks, good-luck items and more to help you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Decorating your home with several unique green items such as the Lucky Clover Plastic Chopsticks, Kokeshi Dolls, Green Cherry Blossom Table Collection and more! If you're in the celebrating mood but not too fond of the traditional glass of beer, settle down with a relaxing dinner and enjoy some hot sake or tea with one of our beautiful Tea Sets or Sake Sets!

If you are heading out for the day but don't particularly want to wear green clothing, avoid the pinches with a small green good luck charm and green jade pendant from our jade charms and jade necklace collection to ward off any evils.

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Green Cherry Blossom Sake Set
Was: $38.25  SALE: $20.95
Turquoise Sky and Earth Sake Set
Was: $37.95  SALE: $30.35
Porcelain Dragon Mug
Was: $19.95  SALE: $17.95
Teal Egg Shaped Kokeshi Doll
Was: $28.75  SALE: $17.25
Geisha w/ Gu-Zin Paper Wallet
Was: $6.95  SALE: $3.95
Happy Buddha Jade Lucky Pendant
Was: $25.95  SALE: $10.35
Round Auspicious Jade Necklace (LAST 3)
Was: $25.95  SALE: $10.35
Jade Guan Yin Pendant Necklace (LAST 5)
Was: $25.95  SALE: $10.35
Burmese Jade Pendant Necklace
Was: $25.95  SALE: $10.35
Goldfish-Theme Jade Pendant Necklace
Was: $25.95  SALE: $10.35
Jade Peanut Lucky Charm
Was: $6.95  SALE: $2.05
Green Spiral Wakasa Chopsticks
Was: $28.95  SALE: $26.05
White Rabbit Childrens Chopsticks
Was: $0.95  SALE: $0.55
Seeing Double Chopsticks (Green)
Was: $4.25  SALE: $2.95
Dragonfly Sage Green Chopsticks
Was: $4.45  SALE: $3.55
Moss Green Chopstick Rest (LAST 12)
Was: $2.55  SALE: $1.05

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