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Japanese Koi Decorative Platters

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Japanese Koi Decorative Platters
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Colorful "koi" fish are one of Asian culture's most enduring icons. From ponds and wall scrolls, to woodblock prints and silk clothing, vivid images of these orange, black, yellow, silver and white-hued animals are found throughout Asia and beyond. Now you can enhance any setting, from your dinning room to your display cabinet, with these beautiful koi decorative platters.

Koi, also known as Japanese carp, originated from a species of Chinese common carp. During China's Jin Dynasty (265-420), attractive and eye-catching specimens were bred together to produce even more decorative varieties of this common fish.

Ornate carp were taken to Japan and Korea around 400-600 years ago; however, breeding and raising these fish didn't become widespread in Asia until the early 20th century. Today, koi breeders and enthusiasts around the world continue to develop even more elaborate and colorful examples of this ancient aquatic animal.

These Japanese-crafted decorative platters portray a classic nature scene painted against a backdrop washed in navy blue. Five koi are pictured swimming in a shimmering blue and white pond. Two of the koi are painted deep shades of dark blue, one displays bright tangerine-colored scales, and the other is a shimmering gray-white with striking orange patches. Each fish also displays intricate scale patterns and white-tipped fins and tails.

A series of textured pine branches and needles are painted on the upper left of the platter, while layers of green sea grasses, and orange, blue and white-colored peony flowers decorate the lower right and center portions of the plate.

In addition to its unique decoration, this ceramic platter is dishwasher and microwave-safe, making it the perfect piece to display party treats like desserts, sandwiches, cheeses, crackers, and fruit. Each platter is also shipped securely in a paper box decorated with a sponge-like print design. (Discontinued)

  • Plate Dimension (D 12 -1/8" x H 1-3/8")
  • Product Wt. (2 lb. 3 oz.)

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