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Glossary of Asian Culture - W

Washi paper: Traditional Japanese paper used for origami, flower arrangement (ikebana), sewing and calligraphy. Often made from the mulberry plant, gampi tree bark, bamboo, rice or hemp, washi is based on Chinese paper-making techniques introduced to Japan in 610 AD.

Water chestnut: An edible aquatic vegetable that usually grows in marshes. With a sweet, nutty flavor and a crunchy texture, water chestnut is very popular in China and other parts of Asia.

White Jade: White-colored variety of decorative rocks containing silicate minerals. Among the most sought-after is white nephrite jade rock, commonly known as white jade. The stone is often used for jewelry, arts and decorative homewares.

Woodblock print: A technique for printing words and images. The desired words or images are carved out of wood, leaving the design raised from the carved negative spaces. Ink is applied and the block is pressed onto paper of cloth. Also called as Ukio-e.

Wok: An Asian cookware usually made out of cast iron and carbon steel. It is usually round bottomed and is a versatile cooking tool. Usually used for Asian stir-fry, woks are also great for deep fried and steamed dishes.

Won Ton: Also spelled wonton, is a common stuffed Chinese dumpling that appears in numerous distinct varieties throughout the country. The most typically ingredients found in the wheat flour, water and egg-based wrappers include minced pork, shrimp, onions or carrots.

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