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Glossary of Asian Culture I

Ikebana: Ikebana is the disciplined art of Japanese flower arrangement where the focus is on composition, lines and form.Using minimalistic aesthetics, ikebana follows certain rules and is seen by practitioners as a form of spiritual activity.

Incense: Comes from the Latin word “incendere”: to burn. Incense originated from Egypt and is made up of plant materials and essential oils.When burnt, incense releases fragrant aromas and is highly popular as a form of aromatic therapy.

Incense Burner: Devices used throughout Asia to burn different types of fragrant incense, including cone, powder and stick varieties. Incense burners are made from a range of materials, like porcelain, clay, stone, wood and glass.

Irashaimashe: It is a Japanese greeting that means welcome and used typically in restaurants to welcome arriving guests.
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