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Often revered and celebrated as emblematic symbols of the East, maiko, or apprentice geisha, sumo wrestlers and ninjas are renowned traditional Japanese figures that are regarded for their artful skill and cultural knowledge.

Mrs. Lin's Kitchen celebrates these traditional Japanese icons with products that will delight collectors of Eastern-inspired keepsakes, fans of Asian history, or anyone with an eye for distinct giftware. From noble sumo wrestler sake sets and elegant maiko bookmarks, to mysterious ninja magnet plates, you're sure to find a unique gift for almost any occasion!

Sumo wrestlers are practitioners of one Japan's earliest forms of martial arts. Originating as performers of ritualized ceremonies meant to inspire bountiful harvests, modern day sumo wrestlers are highly respected in Japan for their strength and determination. Mrs. Lin's captures the unmatched power and long-standing history of these traditional Japanese martial artists with our colorful sumo greeting cards.

Before they can become graceful geisha, young maiko must study historic Japanese arts like tea ceremony and instrument playing. The delicate yet charming appeal of these apprentices is playfully portrayed in our solar powered dancing maiko dolls. Similar styles of solar powered ninja toys offer lively depictions of these historic and Japanese figures.

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