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3-1/2 Inch Red Foil Origami Papers

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3-1/2 Inch Red Foil Origami Papers
Item# 7547

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Made in Japan, and with a hundred sheets in a pack, this pack of single sided red foil origami papers is the perfect way to create pieces of paper art. You can now make your favorite origami projects with this deliciously luminous tin foil red. Give your origami pieces a textured look with these red foil origami papers.

Origami, is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. Originating in Edo period Japan, origami began as a folk art and remains a popular form of art and entertainment today. Origami is made up of the Japanese words “ori” meaning fold and “kami” meaning paper. Although seemingly simple on the surface, origami takes skill, creativity, and precision in folding techniques to create masterpieces.

With these shiny red foil origami papers, you can now create even more interesting origami pieces. Origami is often admired for its ability to turn flat papers into arresting and unique three dimensional art works. Beyond three-dimensionality, you can now recreate the look of metal in your origami art works.

With a hundred pieces, you can now make countless origami works. Have hours of fun with these luminous origami papers. Surprise friends and families with your creations.

In a lovely bright red, these origami papers are also great for decorations. Origami sculptures made from these papers make great decorations for gifts adding cute highlights. You may even think up projects with these red foil papers for your Christmas tree this year. Unique and creative, these origami papers are sure to amaze. Papers come packaged in a plastic wrap for protection. These lovely shiny foil papers also come in bright pink , blue , and aqua .

  • Paper Dimension (L 3-1/2" x W 3-1/2")
  • Product Wt. (1.8 oz.)

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