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Lucky Maneki Neko and the Seven Gods of Fortune Fun Chopsticks

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Lucky Maneki Neko and the Seven Gods of Fortune Fun Chopsticks
Item# 12060

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Featuring Maneki Neko and the Seven Lucky Gods of Fortune on a black lacquered background, this lovely pair of fun chopsticks is sure to bring some luck your way.

Made in Japan from quality wood finished with a smooth and glossy texture. These fun chopsticks feature a white maneki neko, or Japanese lucky cat, on each chopstick along with all seven Lucky Gods. Along with the Maneki Neko and Seven Gods, also are several lucky items like gold lucky coins, literature, and words in Japanese that say “beckoning for fortune” on these lucky chopsticks.

While this traditional style Maneki Neko, with a gold collar and gold lucky coin in one paw, is known for welcoming fortune for its owner. It is said that the higher the paw is raised, the more luck that is being welcome from the Japanese Lucky Cat.

Originating from the Chinese Taoist, Hindu Buddhist, and Japanese Shinto, are the seven lucky Gods known as Hotei, the god of abundance, happiness, and good health, Jurojin, the god of longevity and wisdom, Fukurokujo, the god of wealth, happiness, virility, and longevity, Daikokuten, the god of family wealth, farming, and commerce, Bishamonten, the god of warriors and wealth, Benzaiten, the god of music, arts, knowledge and beauty, and finally Ebisu, the god of fishermen, commerce, and business success.

Perfect for anyone needing a bit of luck in their life as they enjoy some delicious food, these fun chopsticks make a great addition to you. Packaged in a plastic wrap, hand washing is recommended for this item.

  • Chopstick Dimension (L 8-7/8")
  • Product Wt. (0.4 oz)

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