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--Japanese Cuisine--

How to make Beef Shabu Shabu (牛肉しゃぶしゃぶ作り方)

How to Make Chawanmushi - Easy Recipe (茶碗蒸し作り方)

How to Make Takoyaki - Simple Recipe (たこ焼き作り方)

How to Make Obanyaki

How to Make Tamagoyaki - Easy Recipe (卵焼き作り方 - 簡単なレシピ)

How to Make Sushi Rice (鮨飯作り方)

How to Make Dragonfly Sushi Roll (トンボ(蜻蛉)の寿司作り方)

How to make Spam Musubi - Simple and Easy

How to Make Onigiri - Quick and Easy

How to Make Japanese Croquette

How to Make Japanese Tsukemono - Simple Recipe

How to Make Shiitake, Kombu, Iriko, and Awase Dashi (4種類のだしを作り方)

How to Make Miso Soup - Easy Recipe (味噌湯作り方 - 簡単料理法)

How to Make Oyakodon - Easy Recipe (親子丼作り方)

How to Make Zaru Soba and Mentsuyu Sauce (Easy Recipe) ざるそばとつゆの作り方

--Chinese Cuisine--

How to Make Potstickers - Easy Recipe (如何料理鍋貼)

How to Make Mongolian BBQ at Home (如何料理蒙古烤肉)

How to Make Vegetarian Fried Rice - Easy Recipe (如何料理蔬菜炒飯)

How to Make Chinese Sausage and Rice Clay Pot (如何做臘腸煲仔飯)

How to Make Niangao (如何做年糕和炸年糕)

How to Make Lion's Head Meatballs (如何做紅燒獅子頭)

How to Make Minced Shrimp Lettuce Wrap (生菜炒蝦鬆)

--Southeast Asian Cuisine--

How to Make Simple Vietnamese Spring Roll

How to Make Easy Papaya Salad

How to Make Southern Taiwanese Zongzi (如何做台灣南部粽)

How to Make Taiwanese Fried Pork Chops (台灣式炸排骨作法)

How to Make Taiwanese Style Pineapple Mooncake

How to make Taiwanese Kabocha Stir Fried Rice Noodle (台式南瓜炒米粉)

How to Make Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup

How to Make Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken - Quick and Easy Recipe

--Mrs. Lin's Kitchen Tips and Demonstrations--  

How to Select Your First Wok (如何選你第一個炒鍋)

How to Make Origami Chopsticks Holder

How to Season A Donabe

How to Make Turkey Origami - Step by Step

How to use Asian Tableware

How to Heat Sake

Musical Kokeshi Dolls

Solar Powered Toys

How to Season your Wok

How to Use Coconut Straw Hole Drill

How to Make Ghost and Pumpkin Origami

Demonstrating Teaware and How to Brew Tea

--Mrs. Lin's Kitchen Travels--  

Mrs. Lin's Lunar New Year in Taiwan 2016


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