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What's a random design, you ask? Try a yixing clay teapot shaped like a cooking pot with tripod legs. Or a teapot shaped like a crab basket for your abstract yixing tea set. We carry a variety of ornamental designs for tastes that range from simple to elaborate. Just take a few minutes to explore our Random Design Yixing Teapot page to see for yourself.

Yixing teapots were perfected centuries ago in the “Pottery Capital” of China, the Jiangsu province. It's the only place where rare purple clay, or zisha, can be found to make these distinctive vessels. This organic, non-toxic clay does not crack in extreme temperatures and does not need a glaze after firing. As a result, it has a porous surface that over time, collects a layer of tea sediment, essentially brewing your “tea within tea.” It's a must-have for the tea connoisseur and even for simple tea lovers. Read our February 2001 newsletter to find out more.

Then, stop back here to purchase a The Head Yixing Teapot with a design of head. Or maybe, you'd be more interested in an Coach Bag Yixing Teapot with a body shaped like a coach bag.

There are many choices available to you at Mrs. Lin's Kitchen. We hope you find exactly what you need!

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