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Every Thanksgiving dinner deserves a beautiful table setting to accentuate the festivities! Whether you’re hosting a large Thanksgiving party with lots of friends and family members or you’re planning on having an intimate gathering with your loved ones, finding the unique decorations or the perfect tableware to present your delicious Thanksgiving dishes is essential for any festive get-together.

Let this year’s Thanksgiving feast be the one to remember with our intricate Japanese tableware collections such as the Pale Blue and Earthen Crackled Sand, the Turquoise Sky and Earth, and the Rustic Dark Green, Blue and Cream Karakusa collections. A matching tablerunner that compliments the tableware will complete the perfect Thanksgiving dining table. You can share your favorite tea or enjoy a sip of sake with your loved ones using one of our stunning designed tea sets and sake sets.

If you are planning to be the chef for this year Thanksgiving feast, our wok sets and sushi related cookware might be what you need to create the most delicious dishes for your friends and family. Also, don’t forget to check out Mrs. Lin’s Kitchen Youtube channel for some quick-and-easy recipes.

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Porc. Cereal Bowl (Ocean Square & Round)
Was: $15.95  SALE: $11.95
Elegant Iris Porcelain Asian Platter
Was: $54.95  SALE: $49.45
Lucky Karakusa Black Ceramic Sake Set
Was: $49.95  SALE: $40.05
Geisha Sake Set
Was: $31.25  SALE: $25.25
Metallic Black Poem Sake Set
Was: $45.65  SALE: $41.15
Metallic Brown Sake Set
Was: $43.75  SALE: $38.85
Cedarwood Sake Masu Cup
Was: $8.45  SALE: $7.25
Longevity Sake Masu Cup
Was: $9.15  SALE: $7.75
Happiness Sake Masu Cup
Was: $9.15  SALE: $7.75
Black Dragonfly Tetsubin Tea Set
Was: $61.75  SALE: $49.95
Multi Dots Red Tetsubin Tea Set
Was: $56.25  SALE: $45.95
Tri Color Yixing Tea Set
Was: $52.25  SALE: $39.15
Phoenix and Dragon Yixing Tea Set
Was: $72.55  SALE: $54.45
Elongated Handle Yixing Tea Set
Was: $59.35  SALE: $41.55
Natural Clay Dragon Yixing Teapot
Was: $28.65  SALE: $21.85
15-1/4 Inch Sushi Rice Mixing Bowl
Was: $68.75  SALE: $55.95
16-1/2 Inch Hinoki Sushi Wooden Bowl
Was: $194.35  SALE: $174.95
Wooden Three-Piece Japanese Sushi Mold
Was: $26.95  SALE: $20.05
Wooden Sushi Press
Was: $23.15  SALE: $17.95
Bamboo Sushi Mat
Was: $1.95  SALE: $0.75
Spam Sushi Mold – Small
Was: $10.50  SALE: $6.95
Plastic Nigiri Sushi Mold
Was: $6.65  SALE: $3.65
Spam Sushi Mold – Small
Was: $10.50  SALE: $6.95
Non-Stick Onigiri Sushi Mold
Was: $4.15  SALE: $2.95
Do-It-Yourself Plastic Sushi Press
Was: $8.65  SALE: $6.55
8-1/2 Inch Cast Iron Nabe with Trivet
Was: $43.75  SALE: $35.05
6-1/4 Inch Cast Iron Nabe with Trivet
Was: $29.95  SALE: $23.05
Stainless Steel Shabu-Shabu Pan
Was: $68.35  SALE: $51.25
Large Matte Black Japanese Clay Rice Pot
Was: $141.15  SALE: $119.95
Lucky Bean Cake Taiyaki" Maker"
Was: $59.95  SALE: $41.95
Stainless Steel Medium Taiyaki Pan
Was: $32.65  SALE: $24.45
Takoyaki Pan
Was: $49.95  SALE: $34.95
Cooking Chopsticks/Wood Server
Was: $5.25  SALE: $2.95
Cooking Chopsticks 2 Pair
Was: $3.25  SALE: $1.95
Extra Long Bamboo Cooking Chopsticks
Was: $2.25  SALE: $1.85

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