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Chinese Holiday Ornaments

The fine art of eglomise, or Internally Painted Glass, is an ancient Chinese tradition that has yet to be replaced with anything nearly as exquisite. A skilled artist pays great attention to detail to hand paint each piece of glass individually, so no two pieces are ever the same. Each of the eglomise pieces carried by Mrs. Lin's Kitchen is truly a masterpiece.

Examples include:

* The Yellow and Red Peony Eglomise Ornament. An ideal holiday or birthday gift, this glass ball with yellow flowers and green leaves is like spring has arrived early.
* Dogs and Cherry Blossoms Eglomise Painted Glass Ornaments. Brought to life with superb technique, this ornament features human's best friend and one of the favorite flower in Japan.
* Much, much more! Find your Chinese Dragon Festival Glass Eglomise Ornament, Mandarin Ducks Eglomise Glass Ornament, or Butterfly Eglomise Ornament here.

Frequently referred to as ornaments, eglomise is far more complex than the orbs with which you decorate a Christmas tree. Eglomise is a meticulous art that dates back to the 18th century. The paintings are done inside of the glass, requiring every stroke to be done in reverse, with shadows, highlights, and details to be done first. Read our October 2002 newsletter to find out more, then buy your priceless eglomise glassware at Mrs. Lin's Kitchen today.

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