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If you can't decide which color you like best, why not choose origami papers that include a few of your favorite colors. Many of the patterned papers have popular cherry blossoms, lucky four leaf clovers and different textures that will make every origami animal, flower and shape exciting and distinctive.

Varied textures, materials and glosses on the different papers will make each origami creation even more unique. Origami books are great to give you folding instructions for a bunch of designs, but we also have packs of origami papers that are pre-cut and selected sheets that are perfect to make a specific creation.

Pack a sushi picnic with our hobby origami set, make a personalized gift box or practice your origami cranes with our easy hobby origami thousand crane bundle.

Origami is popular throughout the world. Since it requires very few supplies, it's perfect for an inexpensive night of fun. A lot of the patterned papers are one sided which ensures each fold can be seen!

Great for:
* Kids
* Parties
* Home décor
* Ornaments
* Fun
* Unique stationary
* Keepsake boxes
* Gift wrapping

For more ideas take a peek at our origami newsletter and check out our selection of origami books.

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