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Celebrating Mooncakes Festival 2011

    The Moon cake festival falls on the 22nd of September this year! Also known as the Mid Autumn Festival, Moon cake Festival is a well-loved festive holiday in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Every year, on the fifteenth day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the Moon cake festival is celebrated by Chinese all over the world.

A traditional festival celebrating the arrival of autumn and deeply connected to the Chinese legend of Chang-er, the lady in the moon, Moon cake festival is celebrated at night under the glow of the full mid-autumn moon.

Families gather during the festival in the view of the full moon to cut and enjoy moon cakes. Traditionally made of lotus seed paste and salted yolks of duck eggs, moon cakes are well-loved delicacies. Adults sit and enjoy the view of the moon, as children parade the streets with colorful paper lanterns.

You can join in the fun too! Here at Mrs Lin’s Kitchen, we carry beautifully handcrafted traditional paper lanterns. Whether for decorating your home or for lighting up a garden party at night to enjoy the beauty of the full moon, it is the perfect way to celebrate the Moon cake festival.
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