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Choosing a gift for him may be difficult, but Mrs. Linís Kitchen might just have what youíre looking for. With these recommendations, you will find all kinds of popular gifts for him that also have gift wrapping options available.

Surprise him with one of our charming Sake Sets which have always been one of the top gifts for the holiday season. With our high quality sake set, he can relax and enjoy his sake chilled or heated. But if sake isnít his thing, then our Yixing Mugs are a great choice for tea and coffee lovers. With the Yixing clay making a brew of tea taste even more delicious, it will definitely end up being his favorite cup to use at home or at work. Donít let that stop you there with practical gifts though.

We also have a wide assortment of Travel Chopsticks that he can use while on the go as well. A great space saver item that will definitely not take too much space in the car or his briefcase, having his own pair of Travel Chopsticks is a lot more sanitary in which he can also enjoy his home made meal anytime that he is hungry.

If heís feeling frustrated with work, give him a little encouragement with one of our popular Daruma figurines. Most Darumas have a heavy bottom which when pushed over, will always stand right back up which makes it a great stress reliver and a reminder to never give up. Donít forget to tell him about the legend too! When receiving the Daruma, fill in one eye with a goal set in mind, then the other once that goal has been achieved. It is said that giving the Daruma his eyesight back will also grant the owner a wish!

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Red and White Double Happiness Mug
Was: $19.95  SALE: $17.95
Porcelain Dragon Mug
Was: $19.95  SALE: $17.95
Simple Pleasures Sake Set (LAST ONE)
Was: $38.25  SALE: $30.95
Twelve Inch Daruma
Was: $84.45  SALE: $71.75

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