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For someone who enjoys eating food with chopsticks or maybe have just mastered the use of chopsticks, surprise them this holiday with their own personal and decorative pair!

Go all out this year and surprise your loved one with a unique and one of a kind pair of chopsticks that can be treasured for a long time. Wakasa Nuri chopsticks are perfect for those who want a durable and fashionable pair of chopsticks as they are made with almost over 50 layers of lacquer of different colors. Carved to display these several layers, these chopsticks are also decorated in bone or shell inlay which really makes them sparkle.

For someone who prefers bringing their own set of chopsticks to work or restaurants, Travel Chopsticks are the perfect choice as they are accompanied with a chopstick case to protect the chopsticks from dirt or from breaking. Available in several designs and colors, these are the perfect choice for chopsticks on the go.

If youíre looking for the perfect set for your parents or couple, decorative chopstick sets for two will help get two people crossed off your list. With beautiful designs, these chopsticks come in a fancy gift box, which makes gift-wrapping a breeze.

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