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Glossary of Asian Culture - Y

Yaki: Popular Japanese method of preparing foods by grilling or barbequing (examples: yakitori, or grilled skewered chicken, and kushiyaki) or grilled skewered vegetables and other non-poultry dishes.

Yixing: A city in the Jiangsu province of China famous for their Yixing clay that dates back to the Song dynasty. Yixing clay can include: purple sand clay, red clay, cinnabar clay and fortified clay.

Yokai: Japanese word for the supernatural monsters or demonic spirits that appear in many traditional folk legends and artwork.

Yuzu: A citrus fruit originating in East Asia. It resembles a small grapefruit and has a tart flavor. It is used as garnish in Japanese cuisine. In Korea, thinly sliced yuzu is combined with honey to make a fragrant drink.

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