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Glossary of Asian Culture - R

Red Bean: A type of bean that is often made into paste for desserts in Chinese, Korean and Japanese cuisines. Sometimes also known as azuki beans, red beans are used for many different dishes in Asia.

Red Gift Envelope: A popular practice in China and other East Asian countries, red envelopes hold money, which is given during holidays or special occasions. In many Asian cultures, red represents good luck and is thought to protect against evil.

Rice cooker: An electronic kitchen appliance that cooks rice. Using steam, rice cookers are a safe and easy way to cook rice. Many modern rice cookers come with automatic timers and options for steam cooking and preparing different kinds of rice.

Rice paper:
Papers made out of rice plants and a variety of other plants that have a resilient texture and translucent quality. Rice papers have been used for centuries in China and Japan for writing and art.

Rice Paddle: Known as shamoji in Japanese, this traditional device is used to serve and stir rice, or mix in ingredients like vinegar—an essential part of sushi preparation. This flat spoon-shaped utensil is made from plastic, bamboo, lacquered or unfinished wood.

Rice Vinegar: Popular vinegar made from rice wine or fermented rice that is used throughout China, Korea, Japan and parts of Southeast Asia. Ranging from clear to black, this versatile liquid can vary in taste from mildly sweet to smoky.

Rice wine: Wine made from the fermentation of rice starch produced mainly in East and Southeast Asia with a distinctive flavor and a higher level of alcohol content than the average wine and beer.

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