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Glossary of Asian Culture - O

Obanyaki: Popular Japanese street food comprised of a fluffy waffle-like cake filled with sweet red bean, or azuki, paste.

Obi: A sash used in traditional Japanese dress. It is a part of kimono outfits. There are obis for men and women and there are many designs, length, materials and thickness for different occasions. Narrower and shorter obis are less formal.

Ocha: Basic Japanese word for green tea.

Okazaki: A city located in the Aichi prefecture on the main island of Japan. Famous for the Okazaki castle associated with the great Tokugawa shogun. The castle was captured by Hiroshige in a famous woodblock print: Tokaido Okazaki bridge.

Oolong tea/Oolong: Popular Chinese tea made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. Oolong tea leaves have oxidation levels between those of green and black teas.

Oribe: A type of Japanese pottery most recognized for its green copper glaze and bold designs. This style originated in the 16th century and took its name from tea master Furuta Oribe who invented the style.

Origami: Origination from Edo period Japan, the word origami comes from the derivation of the words “oru” meaning to fold and “kami” meaning paper. It is the traditional Japanese of paper folding. Plants and animals sculptures are created from paper folding.

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