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Glossary of Asian Culture - G

Gari: Thinly sliced ginger that is pickled in a vinegar and sugar solution. Sometimes called sushi ginger, it is a common condiment that accompanies sushi along with wasabi.

Geisha: A female Japanese entertainer who is trained in traditional Japanese arts, classics, tea ceremonies and dance.It takes years of training to become a skilled geisha.And today, geishas are recognized as a symbol of Japanese culture.

Genmaicha: Japanese green tea combined with roasted brown rice.

A type of tree that is native to China. Widely planted in Korea and Japan because of its symbolism in Buddhism.It produces interesting fan shaped leaves and the seed of the Gingko is edible and is used in Chawanmushi.

: Freshwater member of the carp family, which also includes the Japanese koi, goldfish are one of the oldest varieties of domesticated fish. This colorful fish with bright scales was first bred and kept domestically in China.

Gu-Zin (Zither): Ancient seven-string Chinese instrument often categorized in the zither family of instruments. Traditionally, players sit while using their fingers to pluck the strings of the Gu-Zin.

Guan Yin: Chinese goddess of mercy often associated with Taoism. This popular symbol of compassion is portrayed in numerous historic sculpture, paintings and scrolls throughout China.

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