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Wooden Chopsticks: Decorative & Carved Wood Chopsticks

Wooden chopsticks from Mrs. Lin’s Kitchen are extremely affordable and are available in a wide variety of colors and designs. If you’re setting a table for a traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Vietnamese meal, chopsticks are the traditional utensil used when eating food.

We carry a variety of decorative chopsticks in different wood variations – from lightwood to rosewood to bamboo. Many of our wood chopsticks feature contrasting color combinations like black and red, tan and black, yellow and brown, red and brown, and many more!

Our carved chopsticks are good for daily use, but are excellent for entertaining. We have intricately-carved notched chopsticks, chopsticks in checkerboard designs, and ones with textured grips for easy use. And wooden chopsticks don’t have to be serious all the time. Check out our Big Smile chopsticks that show a smiley face when placed next to each other!

Our affordably priced decorative chopsticks let you add flair to your Asian dining experience without spending a fortune.

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