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Tenugui Japanese Hand Towel

Exceedingly beautiful and incredibly functional, these Japanese Tenugui towels might just look like simple cotton hand towels. However, the Tenugui hand towel is extraordinarily versatile and holds much significance within Japanese culture. A Tenugui is a traditional Japanese hand towel that is made out of smooth cotton and often has an enchanting design printed on one side of the thin cloth.

The Japanese Tenugui cotton hand towel began to be widely used during the Edo period, when it was used for drying hands and dishes and often worn as a head covering. The appealing designs of the Tenugui have made it reemerge as a daily commodity as well as a great choice for a souvenir.

An important difference to note when comparing Tenugui to many of the western towels you might be accustomed to is that these Japanese Tenugui hand towels are not sewn at the ends and the horizontal threads are loose. This, in actuality, is simply a part of the Tenugui's appeal and is seen as a mark of authenticity.

A Tenugui normally has dimensions of 14 by 35 inches and is thinner and less absorbent than terry cloth. However, these Japanese Tenugui cotton hand towels can be used for a seemingly infinite number of reasons. For example, these wonderful towels can be used as handkerchiefs, wrapping for bottles or gifts, headbands, bandanas, neck scarves, place mats, masks, strainers, or even as tapestries to decorate your home! The list of uses for these Tenugui hand towels is endless.

Whether you are using a Pink and Grey Cherry Blossom Japanese Tenugui Hand Towel or a Chrysanthemum and Peony Blue Japanese Tenugui Hand Towel, you are not using a simple hand towel, but a symbol of perseverance and determination!

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