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Want to make an authentic Asian meal, but can't locate those hard-to-find ingredients? You've come to the right place. All your essential Asian cooking ingredients are right here at Mrs. Lin's Kitchen.

Asian food grocery stores online can be tricky to navigate, but Mrs. Lin's Kitchen has made everything simple, dividing up your grocery items by category, from Sushi-Related Items to Rice & Noodle items to sauces, desserts, and more.

For inside tips on Asian cooking, read our June 2001 newsletter on sushi, April 2002 newsletter on Springtime Mushimono, or April and June 2003 newsletters on dim sum and Philippine cuisine. There's so much to learn about Asian cooking, and from there, the ingredients are here to find!

For instance, our Asian grocery has got:

* Hot chili oil, seasoned with dry pepper flakes to spice your favorite dishes.
* Marukyo rice vinegar, for a sweeter, more delicate, and less acidic taste than white vinegar.
* Mung bean, to create a low-fat dessert with tons of fiber.
* Jasmine rice, to round out your meal.
* And much, much more!

Why bother to drive your car, find parking, and stand in line at the grocery store or waste your time hunting through crowded shopping aisles? Your Asian food grocery is here for your convenience!

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Chinese and Japanese Tea
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