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In China, it is customary to present money on special occasions like weddings and Lunar New Year's celebrations in red envelops—called Hang Baou in Mandarin, Ang Pao in Taiwanese and Lai See in Cantonese. A similar practice is observed in Vietnam, where married couples give money in red envelopes or ĺ x́ on Tet, or the Vietnamese New Year, to children and other family members.

You can celebrate this classic Asian tradition with our special collection of authentic Asian red envelopes! Whether you're looking for a memorable and stylish way to present money during festive times like holidays or birthdays, or as a gift to newlyweds, graduates, or new home or business owners, a red envelope from Mrs. Lin's is sure to add an elegant and memorable touch.

Our collection of red envelopes come in bright multi-pack assortments and feature a variety of decorative symbols for luck and prosperity, including coins, characters and elegant Asian koi fish.

In many parts of Asia red is a color associated with happiness and good fortune. In addition to gift-giving envelopes, the color is still traditionally used during birthdays, weddings and other joyful occasions. And along with the color red, several Eastern cultures regard certain numbers as lucky or auspicious. In China, red envelopes often contain money in even-numbered amounts ending in eight like 88—considered a particularly lucky number.

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