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Just as you would find a coffee maker in most American kitchens; you can be pretty certain of finding the electric water boiler in most Asian households. Unlike the coffee maker which is busiest in the morning, the electric air pot is in use all day long in the Asian kitchen. Of course the nations of tea drinkers created the original demand for this modern convenience, but the age of "instant" meals has seen the need grow.

We have selected a variety of air pots from the premier maker, Zojirushi who is world renowned for its dominance in Asian convenience appliances such as the electric pot or rice cookers.

The models we carry include; the Micom Super Boiler and the Five Liter Electric Hot Water Dispensing Pot which is our biggest models. Once you have experienced the convenience of having hot water around the clock, you won't go back to the whistling tea kettle again.

All you need to do is fill the air pot as needed and keep it plugged in. For quick, hot, safe meal preparation; the instant noodles, pasta, and other treats you enjoy will need only a squirt of hot water to get started. This appliance makes life so easy for people on the go and the simple, one touch feature is great for use by children and the elderly as well.

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