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Red Daruma Japanese Lucky Charm

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Red Daruma Japanese Lucky Charm
Item# 7639

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Made in Japan, this adorable Japanese lucky charm features a small daruma in red. With a polyester strap attached, it is perfect for decorating your bags, purses, luggage, cell phones, ipads, as well as flash drives. It will add a charming touch as well as bring good luck your way.

Daruma dolls, also known as dhama dolls are lucky items in Japan. Originating in the Temple of Daruma in the city of Takasaki in Japan, daruma dolls have been around since the Meiwa period (1764-1872) and are as much traditional folk art as they are lucky symbols.

Typically round in shape and weighted at the bottom, Daruma dolls are meant to symbolize the ability to overcome adversity. Traditionally daruma dolls are also painted red as it was the color of the robe that was worn by Daruma, the founder of the zen sect on which the daruma doll is based.

In Japan, the eyes of the daruma area usually left blank when sold. Upon the completion of a goal, one eye of the daruma will be filled in. The saying is that in order for Daruma to grant ones wishes, he needs to receive his full sight.

In this adorable Japanese lucky charm, daruma has both eyes and will grant you good luck wherever you go with this adorable good luck charm. Featuring the traditional round shape and a kanji character fu that means good fortune. This Japanese lucky charm is the perfect way to add a charming touch to your personal belongings while reminding yourself of your dreams and goals, and usher good fortune come your way.

  • Charm Dimension (L 3/4")
  • String Dimension (L 3")
  • Product Wt. (0.2 oz)

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