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2 Inch Gold Foil Origami Paper

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2 Inch Gold Foil Origami Paper
Item# 7545

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Enhance your next art project with dainty squares of eye-catching gold foil origami paper. Made in Japan, this delicate and decorative 2-inch paper comes in 100-sheet packs and makes a great addition to any collection of scrapbook or craft supplies.

Combining the Japanese words for folding (ori) and paper (gami), origami is an ancient art whose practitioners are revered for their skill and inventiveness. The precise date and location of origami's origins are unclear; however, some evidence dates the dexterous practice back to the 17th century AD. Some cultural historians have also credited Chinese Buddhist monks with spreading the practice to Japan following the introduction of paper making to the country sometime between the 6th and 7th centuries.

Once the art form became established in Japan, origami was initially regarded as an exclusive practice reserved for a privileged few during special holidays and ceremonies. Eventually, the mass production of washi and other varieties of paper allowed greater numbers of Japanese to begin applying and developing a wide selection of origami paper folding techniques.

Whether you're an expert origami enthusiast or want to get started on your first paper folding creation, our 2-inch gold foil origami paper multi-sheet packs are sure to make a charming and lively impression. In addition, these metallic-hued papers are also a colorful way to dress up any do-it-yourself decoration project; from gold-colored shapes for photo collages and homemade greeting cards, to elegant shiny accents to school projects.

This colorful set features one-sided square sheets wrapped securely in protective plastic from Mrs. Lin's Kitchen. If you're looking for a unique present for children, arts and crafts hobbyists or collectors of Asian giftware, this gold foil origami paper set will provide hours of versatile hands-on entertainment.

  • Paper Dimension (L 2" x W 2")
  • Product Wt. (0.5 oz.)

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