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4-3/4 Inch Orange Origami Papers

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4-3/4 Inch Orange Origami Papers
Item# 7519
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Create your own assortment of origami-inspired creations with our collection of orange origami papers. Combining the Japanese words for paper (gami) and folding (ori), origami is a timeless art practiced by many in Asia and beyond. Generations of paper folders have produced a wide array of delightful designs; from simple animal shapes and delicate flowers, to intricate and increasingly complex modern geometrical configurations.

Whether you're a first-time paper folder or a seasoned origami enthusiast, you're bound to be inspired by our assortment of versatile 4-3/4-inch orange origami paper sets. Each medium-size sheet in the pack may be used to make a variety of traditional origami designs, including boxes, holiday decorations and elegant Asian-style cranes.

Arts and craft lovers can also explore a variety of applications for these origami papers, including using them as backgrounds or shapes for homemade greeting cards, photo albums, scrapbooks and more!

Origami is thought to have been introduced to Japan centuries ago by Chinese monks. Although the practiced flourished starting in Japan's Edo Period (1603-1867), some historical experts have identified paper folding techniques dating back hundreds of years earlier in such diverse locations as Germany and Spain.

Today, origami is extremely popular throughout Japan and many other parts of Asia and the West; however, the practice was once reserved for religious ceremonies or special occasions like weddings or holidays. As the Japanese began mass producing washi and other types of paper, origami material became more accessible and the practice grew in popularity. By the early 20th century, origami masters like Akira Yoshizawa began recording the details of their original and innovative paper folding creations.

Each set of orange origami paper includes 50 one-sided square sheets secured in protective plastic wrapping. Students, arts and craft lovers and collectors of Asian novelties are sure to be delighted by our hands-on orange origami paper sets!

  • Paper Dimension (L 4-3/4" x W 4-3/4")
  • Product Wt. (1.8 oz.)

  • Usually ships within 1 to 2 business days

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